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Storm and Flood Repair St. Louis

storm and Flood Repair St. Louis

Storms and floods strike at a moment’s notice. The aftermath of a storm can sideline your business, and every hour derailed is a direct hit to revenue and productivity. That’s where storm and flood repair from Brda Electric comes in.

A storm or flood can cause damage long after the weather stops. Your first instinct may be to wash and dry the equipment and get back to business as quickly as possible, however this can be exceedingly dangerous. Even clean filtered water damages electrical system components — flood and storm water is even worse. Don’t assume water-damaged electrical equipment can be aired out and reused — there may be electrical hazards you aren’t aware of.

Get back to business with Brda Electric

Brda Electric can mitigate damage and restore electrical equipment to get your business back up and running after a storm or flood. We’ll quickly inspect, assess and handle all electrical repairs, including:

  • Assessing immediate electrical risks and hazards
  • Checking devices, lights and panels for any water damage
  • Replacing equipment and systems in the event of any issues

At Brda Electric, we’re a family owned business serving the St. Louis area for over 29 years. We have the experience, compassion and knowledge to get your business back up and running safely and efficiently when a storm hits. From apartments and schools to commercial generators, offices, parking lot lighting or circuit breakers, we can help with storm and flood repair for any commercial and residential electric needs.

Don’t take risks with storm and flood repairs. Call Brda Electric now at 636-642-4526.

Why Choose Brda Electric for Your Design Build Electrical Contracting?

Top Quality Service

Top-quality service

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Serving St. Louis

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Superior value

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