Boring, Trenching & Backhoe: Excavation and Electrical

Boring, Trenching & Backhoe

At Brda Electric, we understand that some big jobs involve throwing some dirt around.  As an independent electrical contractor, Brda is well equipped and skilled at the safe execution of boring, trenching and backhoe projects.

In these times of advanced communications and environmental concerns, staying on top of advancements in trenching and boring services is crucial.  From the installation of basic conduit systems and fiber optic technology, to other lighting and wiring needs, Brda Electric is the right company to fulfill your boring, trenching or backhoe needs for any electrical project.

Brda happily digs and services the following areas: St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Lincoln County, Warren County, Washington County, Southern Illinois.

Call Brda today to discuss your project and your excavation needs at 636-343-0504.

Why Choose Brda Electric for Your Boring, Trenching & Backhoe Project?

Top Quality Service

Top-quality service

30 years Serving St. Louis

Serving St. Louis

Superior Value

Superior value

Family Owned

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