Residential Data Cabling

residential data cabling

Brda Electric is your trusted local source for residential data cabling. From ethernet cabling to wiring audiovisual connections, our experienced technicians perform full service cabling for every space in your home.

Home Ethernet Wiring Services

Installing ethernet cables yourself is a hassle, especially when running cables through challenging spaces. DIYers run the risk of causing unintentional damage to finished walls and may not always have the necessary tools on hand. Our licensed electricians know how to route network cables for optimal internet performance while preserving the beauty of your home.

What You'll Get Out of a Home Network Wiring Service

By relying on our expert team to handle all the work, you can rest easy knowing your internet installation needs are taken care of.

More Internet Access Points

Having multiple internet access points is essential in larger homes and living spaces. Access points create a wireless local area network (WLAN) for a more expansive internet reach, meaning fewer frozen Zoom calls and greater productivity.

Home Automation

Smart homes use automation to create automatic schedules for lighting, appliances, and heating/cooling. Brda Electric can help you wire your home for these money-saving features and electrical upgrades.

Faster, More Reliable Internet

Computers, security cameras, and other critical systems run more reliably when hardwired. Consistent network speed is a necessity in today's world, whether you're working from home or streaming your favorite television shows.

Seamless Audio and Video Data Transfers

Our team of professionals can wire detailed entertainment systems to your internet, including TVs, audio systems, and other electronic devices. Take the guesswork out of these installations by having one of our licensed experts do it for you.

Flexibility With Future Upgrades

Brda Electric follows industry standards so your home's cabling will be compatible with higher internet speeds and increasing demands from the market's frequently upgraded audio and visual systems. Coaxial cables are on their way out; our technicians can help you transition your home to Cat5e, Cat6 and Fiber Optic cables and help you future-proof your home's wiring.

Contact Brda today to discuss your home network wiring project. We're ready to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your home's connectivity.

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