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At Brda Electric, we largely focus on new commercial electrical installation. From hair salons to vet clinics to storage facilities, we have completed hundreds of lighting and electrical projects for property management firms and contractors on time and within budget.

Trust in Time-Tested Electrical Expertise

Our electricians have experience wiring small- to medium-sized construction projects from the ground up and have helped many general contractors avoid issues and delays by surveying the job early. Based on your project requests or specs, we help guide project requirements and perform all the wiring and electric necessary to power up your new commercial site.

Whether you need help choosing the right light fixtures or need to know how to size your electrical service to fit your needs, we can come up with a solution for both, freeing you to focus on more pressing responsibilities.

Power Up Your Building Right the
First Time

Whether you’re opening a restaurant or office space, we can accurately forecast your electrical needs and determine the best methods and materials to maximize your value.

From foundation to finish, here are just some of the areas we cover:

  • Ground rough to conceal all pipes and wiring for a clean look
  • Rooftop units for HVAC
  • All electric receptacles
  • Voice and data wiring
  • Standby generator
  • Telephone and computer wiring
  • Equipment hookup
  • Accent and decorative lighting
  • Other electrical systems such as fire alarms and kitchen equipment

Why Partner With Brda for Your
Commercial New Construction Project?

  • Top-quality service
    Top-quality service
  • Serving St. Louis
    Serving St. Louis
  • Superior value
    Superior value
  • Family owned & operated
    Family owned & operated

At Brda Electric, we’re a family-owned business serving the St. Louis area for more than 30 years. As the dedicated contractor for your commercial new construction project, we ensure details won’t be overlooked.

Like any large-scale development, your project plans will inevitably change, and you’ll need easy access to your electrical contractor. We understand the importance of open, consistent communication in keeping everyone current on project expectations and deliverables and maintain regular communication with all clients.

If you’re working with many contractors, save time and headaches by leaving the project coordination to us. We partner closely with owners, designers, and general contractors to ensure projects are successfully completed on time and within budget.

Are you looking for a professional and experienced electrical company to take on your new construction project? Contact Brda Electric today to receive a fast estimate for your electrical project.

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