Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade

All power in your office originates from your electrical service. It’s important to know your current service capacity and if you’re maxed out or close to it. Brda Electric can determine if your service should be upgraded or if we can make your current service work with your needs.

Signs You Need a Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade

Many factors affect the need for a commercial electrical service upgrade. Panels can be extremely old and worn out, allowing breakers to trip when failure occurs. As a result, circuits or equipment could burn up. Your wiring can be damaged, allowing water, moisture or other hazardous materials into it. Weather and age can also wear down service coming into the building, prompting the need for a repair or replacement.

When your lights are constantly dimming, breakers constantly tripping or your appliances or equipment just don’t function well, these can be signs your electrical panel and/or service needs to be repaired, replaced or upgraded.

If you’re working from an older building with a small service, remodeling or installing high-power machinery, it may be time for an electrical service upgrade.

Sometimes, a total electrical service upgrade isn’t necessary. Rather, you may only need to upgrade a service panel or circuit capacity. Our experts will inspect your panel arrangement, provide a load calculation and devise a cost-effective solution that protects your property.

What to Expect in a Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade

Upgrading your business’ electrical service involves disconnecting and reconnecting the power line to the building, installing a new meter socket and replacing the circuit breaker panel, resulting in some loss of power. However, Brda Electric can accomplish this with little business interruption.

Trust Brda Electric for Your Electrical Service Upgrade Needs

Brda Electric’s proven electrical service upgrade solutions help you run power more efficiently through your commercial space and avert potentially dangerous scenarios.

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Why Choose Brda Electric for Your Commercial Electrical Service Upgrade Project?

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