St. Louis Parking Lot Light Repair, Installation and Service

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Proper parking lot lighting is essential for commercial and local businesses. It's important to make sure your lights are always in working order, so drivers and pedestrians have complete visibility.

Poorly lit or faulty lighting can cause a great deal of confusion and, at worst, dangerous collisions between vehicles or pedestrians. Ensuring you have the right parking lot illumination is essential to responsible business ownership and keeping your community safe.

If you need commercial light pole services in the St. Louis area, Brda Electric is here for you. You can trust Brda Electric to provide superior commercial electrical services, as we've specialized in parking lot light pole installation and repair for nearly 30 years.

Our parking lot lighting installation and repair services include:

  • Parking lot light pole installation
  • LED bulb installation and changes
  • Expert inspections and maintenance
  • Lamp and ballast replacements
  • Commercial industrial lighting
  • Parking lot lighting repair and emergency response
  • Light bulb recycling and disposal

Keep Customers and Employees Safe With Adequate Lighting

In certain areas of St. Louis, there are regulations and safety mandates that require businesses to meet criteria for adequate lighting in their parking lots. This includes ensuring that the lights are the correct height, color and brightness to illuminate the area without blinding others.

By following these guidelines, businesses can ensure that their parking lots are safe and secure for everyone who uses them. The electricians at Brda have deep knowledge of local requirements and can complete your parking lot lighting project to comply with these mandates.

Reduce Liabilities With Durable, All-Weather Parking Lot Lighting

Emergency preparedness is another aspect to consider for your commercial or small business. Lighting infrastructure should be resilient enough to weather storms, high winds and the occasional bumper collision. LED parking lot lighting can withstand harsh temperatures, making them perfect for St. Louis’ climate. We use durable materials to construct parking lot lighting structures and protective finishes that withstand the elements over time.

It’s equally important to repair parking lot lighting at the first sign of damage. Proactive parking lot lighting repair can prevent severe damage and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

An unstable or downed parking lot pole light is a liability for vehicles, consumers and property owners. Many commercial insurance policies don’t cover collisions caused by wind-blown poles, and replacing fallen lights is also expensive.

Beyond repair costs, failing to replace parking lot lighting poles makes your business susceptible to penalties for noncompliance and unsafe lighting conditions. Protect yourself from these liabilities and reduce parking lot repair costs by investing in secure commercial lighting.

Lower Energy Costs With LED Parking Lot Lighting

Keeping a parking lot illuminated all night is expensive. However, having poorly lit areas of your parking lot or garage makes your business susceptible to crime.

LED lights require 75% less energy and have a longer lifespan (generally 4 times longer) than traditional HIDs, which effectively lowers your utility costs. LED lights also have stronger light distribution, requiring fewer lights to brighten your space. Customers feel more comfortable in parking garages with softer lighting than those with traditional harsh fluorescent bulbs.

As a bonus, LED lights are subject to less wear and tear than traditional bulbs, minimizing the number of replacements needed. You can rest assured knowing you’re reducing your utility bill costs while increasing your energy efficiency.

Read how we helped one of America’s fastest-growing churches reduce energy costs and meet regulatory standards with LED lights.

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Services You Can Trust

Do you need parking lot lighting services for your commercial location — but don’t know where to start? Parking lot pole lights must meet regulatory standards for illumination, strength, resistance and light distribution. As a property owner, navigating these requirements can be overwhelming.

Brda Electric walks you through the entire process, from planning the position of parking lot lighting poles to determining pole height, matching fixtures and pole EPA value to St. Louis wind velocities.

What To Expect During Parking Lot Lighting Installation

Installing commercial parking lot lighting involves several steps.

  • Mark and dig holes for mounting poles
  • Install poles and secure them with cement or other materials as necessary
  • Wire and connect electrical components to a power source
  • Aim fixtures properly, so they illuminate paths and intersections as designed
  • Verify proper operation by testing all fixtures
  • Follow all local licensing regulations and safety guidelines for successful installation

What to Expect During Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your lights in optimal condition. To perform a thorough service, our team will:

  • Inspect each light for any damage or wear and tear
  • Clean lenses of the fixtures
  • Repair damages to the frame
  • Replace burnt-out bulbs
  • Check wiring and connections for signs of corrosion or damage
  • Ensure all fixtures are still properly aimed to provide maximum visibility

What to Expect During Parking Lot Lighting Upgrades

Many commercial businesses upgrade their parking lot lighting during an expansion or remodel. Brda’s qualified electricians will leave no stone unturned in your upgrade. We will:

  • Inspect the existing light fixtures to determine which components will need to be replaced or upgraded
  • Obtain necessary permits and approvals from local authorities
  • Remove old light fixtures and poles
  • Install, connect and test new light fixtures
  • Clean all lenses for optimal illumination
  • Replace any faulty wires or burnt out bulbs
  • Ensure all fixtures have a secure connection and are aimed properly

Partnering with a licensed electrician will ensure you create a safe, illuminated outdoor environment. Get everything you need to illuminate the outdoors or fix a damaged or defective lighting pole with commercial lighting services from Brda Electric.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should parking lot lights be inspected and maintained? It depends on the type of lighting. At full use, LED lights can last up to 25 years, whereas regular HID lighting lasts only 5 years. We also recommend having your lights inspected before or just after any severe weather if you haven’t had them checked in a while.
  2. What are the most common problems with parking lot lights? The most common problems with parking lot lights include malfunctioning fixtures, insufficient lighting levels and improper installation. Other potential issues include excessive flickering or strobing, noise interference, and electrical hazards.
  3. Can you upgrade existing parking lot lights to more energy-efficient options? Yes! This service can include replacing traditional bulbs with LED lamps or investing in newer lighting systems that use motion sensors or timed shutoff features.
  4. How long does it take to complete a parking lot light repair or replacement project? It typically takes anywhere from a few hours to several days to complete a parking lot light repair or replacement project, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Generally, smaller projects—such as replacing a single light fixture—can be completed in just a few hours, while larger projects—such as replacing multiple fixtures or installing new lighting—may take up to several days. Weather conditions can also affect the timeline for completing these projects.
  5. How do you determine where to place new lights in a parking lot? The primary factors we consider are local regulations, the size and number of parking spaces, access roads and walkways.
  6. How do you ensure compliance with local codes and regulations? Our team has been performing commercial electric jobs for over 30 years. We have deep experience in acquiring necessary permits to complete projects and continue to stay up to date with local codes.
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