Commercial EV Charger Installation St. Louis

There’s no doubt about it: electric vehicles are the way of the future. The rise of electric car sales has increased the need for EV charging stations nationwide. If you’re considering installing commercial EV chargers for your St. Louis business, look no further than Brda Electric.

At Brda Electric, we specialize in building EV charging stations for any commercial application. Along with building new charging stations from the ground up, we can expand existing EV charging operations without disrupting your business.

Types of Commercial EV Charging Stations

Brda Electric installs all three types of commercial EV charging stations:

Level 1

Chargers use a standard 120V outlet and plug, providing four to five charging miles per hour. Hybrid vehicles’ smaller battery packs are better candidates for Level 1 charging stations than pure battery-powered electric vehicles, as charging time is less.

Level 2

Chargers use a 240V outlet and plug (similar to a residential washer and dryer), providing 12 to 60 charging miles per hour. Level 2 chargers use a 240 volt 40-60 amp circuit. These charging stations accommodate all plug-in pure electric and hybrid vehicles, and are ideal for locations where drivers plan to park for a few hours or more.

Level 3 (DC Fast Charging Stations)

These use a 480V direct-current (DC) plug, requiring industrial grade-electricity and providing an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes. These charging stations are found primarily in on-the-go locations like retail centers, off major highways and EV car charging gas stations. The Tesla Supercharger is a Level 3 charger but only works with the Tesla Model S, providing half a charge in about 20 minutes.

We’re experts when it comes to commercial EV charger installation. Whether you need wall-mount or pedestal EV charging, or assistance with setting up internet connectivity, payment processing and energy monitoring, Brda Electric is here to help.

Benefits of Installing Commercial EV Charging

Adding electric vehicle chargers to your commercial property has wide-ranging benefits. Commercial properties of all kinds are interested in improving visitor and employee satisfaction, along with increasing property values. Adding EV charging stations to offices, schools, retail parking lots, or residences paves the way for growing electric vehicles in our present and future lifestyles.

  • Rebates and Incentives Investing in EV charging stations is more affordable than you think. Rebates, tax credits and grants are available to help commercial customers install electric vehicle charging stations. Ameren Missouri’s Charge Ahead program currently offers an incentive available to most Ameren Missouri business customers -- up to 50% of the total project cost. Ameren accepts applications for the program until September 30, 2022, or until funding runs out, whichever comes first. Contact us for more information on Ameren’s Rebate Program.
  • Employee Perks Enable your employees to recharge their electric vehicles for their ride home. Onsite charging stations are the new employee perk, providing convenience as well as demonstrating your company’s commitment to renewable energy.
  • Residential Charging Stations for Apartments and Condos Apartment and multi-family condominium complexes can charge premium rents for offering EV charging amenities. The ability to recharge at home over searching for a local charging station is a convenience that’s hard to pass up, especially among busy professionals.
  • EV Charging Convenience for Retail Stores and Shopping Malls Enable customers to get a “charge” out of shopping again. At your retail properties, customers will enjoy being able to charge their cars while shopping. Malls that offer EV public charging stations will gain in popularity as electric vehicles do.
  • Hotels and Resorts A significant concern for EV drivers is the possibility of leaving home without the ability to recharge their cars quickly. Providing this service to your overnight guests puts their minds at ease and encourages longer-distance traveling.

Why Wait? Set Your Business Apart With Commercial EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever and show no signs of slowing down. Why put the brakes on your business by not catering to this growing demand? Your customers, employees and associates will thank you for it.

Brda Electric is your go-to source for EV charging station equipment and installation in the St. Louis area. Our experienced team provides EV charging installations on time, on budget, and done right the first time. Future-proof your business by featuring electric vehicle charging technology as part of your company’s success strategy.

Call us today to get started at 636-642-4526.

Why Choose Brda Electric for Your Commercial EV Charger Installation?

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    Top-quality service
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