Presence Float Center Commercial Electrical Project


Presence Float Center Commercial Electrical Project

Presence Float Center Commercial Electrical Project
Presence Float Center
Project Type
Tenant Finish

Project Overview

To help Presence Float Center meet new electrical requirements, Brda Electric recommended and installed the following electrical components:

LED Lighting

LED lighting emits less heat, uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional bulbs. Brda Electric furnished and installed new LED exit/emergency combos for Presence Float Center along with:

  • LED vanity and interior sconces
  • LED bath fixtures
  • LED can lights
  • LED dimmer switches for float rooms, bathrooms, makeup room and track lighting
  • LED dimmers for the bathrooms and makeup room


Presence Float Center required new receptacles across the office, including:

  • Duplex receptacles at the microwave, fridge and washer
  • A quad receptacle at the reception desk
  • GFI receptacles in the makeup and utility rooms and on a separate circuit in the breakroom. This type of receptacle offers personal protection against lethal electrical shock or electrocution.
  • 220-volt receptacle for the breakroom dryer


Brda Electric wired the Presence Float Center office for:

  • Roof-mounted ventilation fan with switch
  • Insta-hot water heaters
  • 120-volt circuits for water softeners

Category (CAT) 6 Wiring

Cat 6 wiring offers more than double the available bandwidth as Cat 5 cables. The Brda Electric team installed Cat 6 data wiring from the reception desk to the rear panel for voice and data connectivity.

Pod Wiring

Brda Electric also wired each sensory deprivation tank (or pod) to enable temperature control and connectivity. This included:

  • Shielded cables from each pod to the reception area control module for temperature probe
  • Cables between each pod and the reception area for intercom
  • Headphones from each pod to the reception and seating areas
  • Cat 6 wiring from each pod to the reception area control module for the wireless router

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